Tuesday, December 29, 2009

September 2009: TRASH THE DRESS, part 1

Since the winds howled and rain poured on our wedding day, we didn’t get the chance to take many pictures outside. Our photographers, Steve and Jessica Fox, were gracious enough to meet us a few weeks after our honeymoon to take some more beach photos and do a "Trash the Dress" session. You typically don’t ‘trash’ the dress, but just take a lot more riskier photos than you ever would the day of the wedding (and I was getting my dress cleaned and preserved, anyway...it was muddy from the farm!)

It was so exciting re-creating our wedding day – what bride doesn’t love getting dressed up in her dress again?! We headed back to Camp Geneva and took some of these pictures. These are some of my favorites!
Mike doing his "Zoolander" face behind me. Niiiiiiice ;)

My two favorite places - the woods and the beach!!!

Let's see how that ended..... :)

I know there has been a "Mike-Jess Picture" overload on our blog lately...I guess that's the case when you get married. I'm finally sorting through all our pictures; hope you don't get too sick of these!! :)

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