Thursday, March 19, 2009


T-minus 135 days, 14 hours, 52 minutes and 32 seconds
Introducing our newest favorite lil' baby boy!

My (Jess's) sister, Tara and brother-in-law, Mark and 2 1/2 yr-old nephew, Myles, added a cute lil' addition to their fam.
Ezra Alexander Foreman
born March 12, 2009
9 lbs, 7 oz
22 in
Big-brown eyes! :)

We had a fun roadtrip to Cincinnati last weekend to meet him - the two of us + Andrea (Jess' younger sister), Brooke (Jess's twin sister) + Tim (Brooke's hubby) + Teagan (Tim and Brooke's 1-yr old) all piled in Brooke and Tim's minivan. (haha, yes, they have a minivan; it's sweet!) and made the 6-hr drive. We had a blast playing with Teagan the whole way down and seemed to keep her distracted and entertained most of the time (minus the last 2 1/2 hrs of screaming). She even showed off her stellar dance moves everytime music would come on and she loved imitating Mike; it was hilarious. It's also fun to watch my sisters and brother-in-laws as mommies and daddies - the way they nuture and adore their little ones makes me happy. :)