Saturday, February 27, 2010

October 2009: BLOCK PARTY

Our small group Bible-study (called CABLE group) at church collaborated in mid-October in putting together a block party on our street. Mike and I made fliers and hand-delivered them to each house on our street (about 50!) a few weeks before the big day. Though it was a bit out of my comfort zone to go and meet a ton of strangers, it is right up Mike’s alley. I love that about him! He really pushes me to be more outgoing and his friendliness is contagious. You should have seen people’s reactions when we knocked on their door and introduced ourselves; nearly everyone looked at us like “what….are you trying to sell something?” or “did you hit my dog?” Nope, just meeting our neighbors! :) It made me realize how little people actually talk to their neighbors – some lived on our street for 20 years and had never met the people who lived just a few houses down.

They loved the idea of a block party – and we were pumped that, despite the cold fall air, we had over 40 people come to our house! We played yard games, but mostly stayed inside and enjoyed hot cider, hamburger and hotdogs and great conversation. I hope it’s something we can make a tradition for many years! (but maybe during the summer months instead).

September 2009: WYATT ALAN KEELER

My twin sister, Brooke, her husband Tim, and lil’ girl, Teagan, welcomed a baby boy on September 4th. Wyatt Alan Keeler is a doll and we are enjoying him so much. He is becoming such a gentle, sweet soul. We love his little smiles!