Tuesday, December 29, 2009

September 2009: TRASH THE DRESS, part 2

After camp, we headed to my parent’s house on Spring Lake for the Trash the Dress session, part duex…Take a look at what we did – I LOVE boating and slalom waterskiing – who knew I’d ever do it in my wedding dress?!

After a few tries of starting off the edge of the dock, and face-planting into the water, we decided to go back to basics and get up the way I always do, in the water. No problem! Got up and zoomed around the lake, with the gorgeous sunset in the background. It was a riot and I think I caught a few other boaters that happened to pass by looking at me like “is that girl REALLY in a wedding dress???!” It was awesome – we had some good laughs and now have a memory captured forever on film!

Mike was all done with his picture-duty...time for a brewsky!

Gettin' ready w/ my dad (the faithful captain) and his neighbor

Don't let the amazing lifejacket intimidate you....


GORGEOUS sunset!!!

Hey, this is actually working...!

My glorious landing, with mickymouse hands (didn't realize I grabbed the extra-large gloves!) :)

Love these shots on the dock w/ the ski and off my parent's front deck, with their boat in the background~

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