Monday, May 25, 2009


Our sweet niece, Teagan, and her shinanigens! :)
Enjoying the sunshine and day off!
Playing Baggo ("Cornhole") in the backyard w/ Grandpa. He was the best one of us all! :)

My Stud Muffin
Bonfire and watching the Fruitport Fireworks

Mom, Dad, Tim and Brooke around the campfire

Sunday, May 24, 2009


T-minus 69 days!

Happy Memorial Day! We're spending these next couple days in Spring Lake and lovin' every minute of it. We had a fantastic lunch of chicken, veggies and salmon (caught by my [Jess's] Pa) on the grill, then ventured out on a relaxing boat ride to Grand Haven. It was a balnket-covered ride, but we arrived back sun-kissed and freshly windblown - felt like summer!
The big project in the evening was putting together 200 mini-bags of popcorn (those good 'ol Foremost bindery days were coming back - speedy, repetitive assembly!). My mom and dad are walking in the Standale Memorial Day Parade tomorrow with a bunch of people from our home church (Remembrance Church, where I grew up) and handing out bags of popcorn closed with chip clips that had our church info on it. Nice! Mike and I are headed out in the morning to watch 'em - I'm sure it will bring back memories of the 'ol Standale stomping grounds!

Here's a pic of the efficient and extremely effective Popcorn Club:

Mom, Andee, Mike, Jess = Scoopers and Clippers

Tim = Bag Opener

Brooke = Arranger/Organizer

Dad = Manager

And here's a pic standing on Mom and Dad Oo's deck! WOW! Dad's building a campfire, then Fruitport Fireworks in a little bit!